Created by 1747studio in collaboration with Passion F&B, Nonnaverse it’s a newborn Restaurant ready to hit Dubai crowd. 

While a fast life and sophistication rule our daily routine, our goal is to stop the time. It’s to carry our guests on an indefinite journey bringing back their taste based on Memories. 

In a world where everything is accessible, in which most of the days we don’t really know what we fancy to eat, we will give a choice: choose your childhood and join Nonnaverse for incredible nights surrounded by real and simple taste. The one from your Grandmother’s kitchen.  

Every Month A New Taste

Our restaurant, ‘Nonnaverse’, is a unique dining experience that will take customers on a culinary journey through memories by featuring rotating Worldwide grandmothers, or ‘Nonnas’, as our chefs. 

Each country has different specific food, usually, that can be very different from city to city. Our goal it’s to explore traditions from not very known areas. 

Each month, we will feature a different ‘Nonna’ who will prepare traditional dishes from her Region or Village. Our target market is food-savvy customers who are looking for authentic, home-style specific cooking. 

Our Mission : Be A Part Of Our Family!

If we recall the best time of our lives, definetely one of those times, was around a table, surrounded by the love of our family. And obviously surrounded by…good and genuine food. What is always associated with granmothers it’s the healthy way. Even if sometimes, wasn’t that healthy, but just thinking that was cooked with lots of love, for us, our parents and our siblings and cousin, was already making that food…super healthy.  Our concept wants to bring us back those memories. Wants to bring us back to that time. Doesn’t matter where our granmothers are from, what matters it’s that…for some hours, we will be again part of that big family, and someone will genuine make us part of those memories. In a food scenario that aim everyday for more perfection, for more attention to details, we want to take a step back and concentrate on…the heart. And the feelings. And let our customers be part of something unique, something original, that is focused on the past..with a big eye on the future. 

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