Nonna Silvana

Silvana, born in Palermo in 1955, hails from a family of seven. As the youngest, she enjoyed a peaceful and happy childhood surrounded by familial affection. Her father’s passion for cooking became a source of inspiration, and she learned the secrets of culinary art from him. Silvana inherited her mother’s love for knitting and crochet. After obtaining an accountant diploma, she got married at 32 and became a widow after eleven years. Silvana dedicated her life to making her children happy, excelling in traditional Palermo dishes. One of her sons, Andrea, is now a chef. Silvana, now a proud grandmother, enjoys a beautiful relationship with her grandson Matteo, sharing stories and her love for cooking.

Silvana’s dishes respect Sicilian culinary traditions, each prepared with a journey into the past, showcasing the unique taste and aroma of the region’s typical products. She invites everyone to visit Palermo, promising to show the beauty of her city.

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